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Welcome to Your New Favourite Casino:

BwLoto offers a modern, fun and effortless casino experience that has been tailored to fit its players like a glove. The site, established in 2005, boasts irresistible bonuses and over 950 games ranging from the latest slots to live casino games.

About us.

BwLoto: More than just a Casino

BwLoto brings you an exciting and thrilling online casino experience. Simple as that! Having opened our doors in 2005 we are well established within the industry.

  • We have a massive range of fast loading, mobile-friendly games, and world-class support for all of them.
  • We treat our players like VIPs from day one and give them instant access to our impressive range of slots, table games and live casino

We boost all this with regular promotions, tournaments and giveaways. Our team are online gaming experts who are committed to providing the best online gambling experience. The best way to experience this is to sign up and see for yourself!

A little bit of Casino history

When did it all start?

  • A long time ago, the Chinese played games with numbers, which became so popular they financed wars and built the Great Wall of China with the tax from it! (so yeah, taxes were already payable then) That pretty much put what we now know as Keno and the Lottery on the map. The Romans threw slaves to their Gladiators and then bet on who would survive. (early cage fighting perhaps?) Egyptian witch doctors threw heaps of sticks and stones and bet on odd or even when rudimentary dice were thrown. Across the globe, gambling has been with us for centuries!

The Casino is born

  • This is rambling about gambling, not Casino. But, without gambling, we wouldn’t have any Casino’s. So, where did Casinos start? The worlds oldest is apparently the “Casino di Venezia” in Venice, Italy, which opened its doors back in 1638, and still operates today. (although we don’t think it had such an online presence way back then!) Casino’s took hold from then on. In the early 1900’s labourers on the east coast of the USA built railroad tracks to link Vegas with Pacific coast cities like LA, San Francisco, and then inland to Salt Lake City which resulted in Las Vegas staking its claim as the gambling destination. Casinos were here to stay, whether people liked them or not, and many people didn’t which resulted in gambling being banned in Nevada for 21 years until 1931.

Where next?

  • Since then, Casinos have flourished worldwide. Most large towns and holiday resorts boast of having one on their list of entertainment venues. But no longer do you need to dress up James Bond style for a night at the casino. Online gaming has now come of age and almost anything you can do in a land-based Casino can now be done from the comfort of your armchair in an Online Casino. It’s all there at the tips of your fingers; including card games such as Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack, there are also live dealer games such as Roulette and Texas Holdem. When playing slots online, you certainly won’t wear out your arm pulling the lever on the slot machines, (some classic ones do have funky sound effects though!), simply click or tap to play! Enjoy classic slots and networked machines that join forces to offer progressive jackpots in the millions. There really is something for everyone, with no worrying about Aces hidden up sleeves! Just remember to gamble responsibly, when the fun stops…STOP!

Safe and Secure Gaming

What we offer

  • BwLoto offers a modern, fun and effortless casino experience that has been tailored to fit its players like a glove. The site, established in 2005, boasts irresistible bonuses and over 1000 games ranging from the latest slots to live casino games.
  • We promise safe, fast, and secure payments and offer generous welcome packages for players to enjoy.

For your peace of mind

  • When you play with us, we want you to feel 100% comfortable and secure. You can rest assured that we are a dependable and safe online casino. BwLoto is a regulated, reliable and responsible partner of the highest standards, and proud to display our Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license at the bottom of every page.

Our standards

  • is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. To ensure fair and honest gaming, every game on our site has been independently tested and scrutinised to the most exacting standards.
  • Our top priority is to enable our players to play responsibly. We offer a number of ways to help our players achieve this on our responsible gaming page.

Welcome to the party!

  • Today, players from around the world flock to BwLoto, thanks to our unrivalled selection of games and a flawless professional reputation.
  • Our huge range of generous bonuses offers you the chance to build your bankroll without breaking the bank. Things like a generous First Deposit Bonus and many Loyalty Bonuses which we reward our players with on a regular basis.
  • There are seasonal bonuses to be had, the festive season is as big as you would imagine and expect to see offers for Halloween, Eurovision, and an Easter Egg hunt along the way. Then we have more innovative ways of rewarding our players; how about a holiday to Rio? Or, a €10,000 custom made designer dress?
BwLoto. More than just a Casino...