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About  Piratzy

Game produced by Bwloto

Avast ye, matey - set sail with us on the adventure of a lifetime!

Man the helm on a Yatzy-based instant game with a pirate theme - roll the die and test yer luck!

Lootin' from fast-paced slot games, the game similarly has great replayability and quick rounds!

If that doesn’t strike yer fancy, we have created a different concept version of this game with gamification, virtual items and multiplayer features!

In multiplayer mode you can play head to head with other players in Piratzy and further your infamy as a pirate of the seven seas with avatars, experience points, unlock items, titles, leaderboards (weekly, monthly, legendary pirates) and jackpots. As well as an in game currency that you can then cash out, buy virtual items, merchandise or use to bet.